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Our Programming

This is just a glimpse at the programming we offer to our caregivers and family members who are living with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia.  For most, these provide an opportunity to connect with others who are navigating dementia within their family, a chance to share experiences, a chance to be with others who understand, and a chance to socialize. For many, this is the only socialization as the journey of dementia can be very isolating and unknown.  These programs bring a sense of normalcy, a sense of connection, and a compassionate and positive spin on their day!

Take a Look at our Monthly Calendar

Take a Closer Look.... 

A Place To Start celebrated 10 years of service this past fall!  Here is a deeper look at some of the programs offered and the special accolades over the years.

Thank you to Michelle Currie & Kevin Farley for sharing your talent with us!

For a deeper look at the profound effect music has, especially to those living with dementia, we recommend watching the 2014 documentary, Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory. 

Here is Henry's Story. 

video shared with permission from Music and Memory

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