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This is just a glimpse at the programming we offer to our caregivers and family members who are living with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia.  For most, these provide an opportunity to connect with others who are navigating dementia within their family, a chance to share experiences, a chance to be with others who understand, and a chance to socialize. For many, this is the only socialization as the journey of Alzheimer's can be very isolating and unknown.  These programs bring a sense of normalcy, a sense of connection, and a compassionate and positive spin on their day!

Never underestimatethe empowering effectof human connection.


Wellness Program

We have launched a new wellness program designed to help caregivers balance mind, body and spirit as they take on new roles!



What's more fun that some friendly competition!?  Game day is sure to bring some smiles!


Caregiver Support 

We are proud to be able to offer a space for our caregivers to gather and connect.  We want you to know that you are not alone on this journey and have a safe place to talk about hard things.


Q & A with Susan Raychard

Our clients and family members have the chance to sit down with Susan, asking questions and learning ways to safely age in place.  Susan is an occupational therapist specializing in providing services to older adults. 


Music with Local Artists

One of our most popular offerings!  It has been shown that music is therapeutic in more ways than one.  We offer several music programs to help improve mood, put smiles on faces, create happy memories and build stronger connections!


Themed Lunches

What better way to connect with others than to sit and enjoy a meal together.  Whether it's Bring Your Own, Picnics at Rogers Pond, Fenway Park Dogs Day, Chili Day or sandwich's not the theme, it's the sense of belonging that counts!


Loss & Grief Counseling with Elizabeth

We have had the great pleasure and honor of having Elizabeth Straka, Ph.D., help facilitate our caregiver support groups and now she joins us to host a Loss & Grief Group for our caregivers. In these sessions, she works to help our clients understand and navigate the feeling of losing their loved one with a dementia diagnosis, even though they are still living.....more commonly known as the long goodbye. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 1.14.44 PM.png

 Catered Luncheons

  We love creating conversation!  With the help of the community, we are also able to offer luncheons that are provided by and catered by some of our biggest supporters such as Avita and Huntington Common! We enjoy friendly conversing and catching up or  simply reminiscing!


Our Programming

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