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Since day one, we have been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of caregivers. Our mission remains to provide hope, help and guidance to those families who are experiencing the challenges of navigating a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia.  We feature a monthly calendar of programming to help our caregivers stay engaged and connected with others who have been or who are currently navigating their own journey.  It is through the support of the community that we have been able to continue with this mission, helping hundreds of family members and creating lasting connections!


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With Love & Gratitude,
Sally & Diana

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions

"A Place to Start provided advice and practical tips very quickly and with compassion (by e-mail, since my in-laws live in Israel), in the real-time demanded by our difficulties in caring for my mother-in-law, with compassion based on deep personal experience and knowledge.
A Place to Start sent many great articles to read, supplemented by advice on specialized questions from their deep network of professionals working with dementia.

A Place to Start provided a lifeline to us during crisis and compassionately pointed out a way forward in which all of us — my still wonderful demented mother-in-law and her family (loving but inexperienced, stressed and confused) to remain positive, find peace, acceptance, and even joy and humor in dealing with the dreadful disease of dementia.”
“The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is devastating not only for the individual diagnosed but for all that love that individual. A Place to Start was there for us in the beginning and continues to be our constant trusted support. Sally, the staff and volunteers provide an inviting, warm, caring, fun and happy environment for all. They know what needs to be done and how and when to do it. They know all the needed resources. I thank them everyday. I know they must sound over dramatic, but it is true. They really saved my life.”
~ CS~
“A Place To Start is an invaluable service available to caregivers. My husband was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease in 2011. Navigating the system alone was painful, confusing and overwhelming. When I started working with Sally at A Place To Start, I felt immediate relief. She is knowledgeable about the disease and the resources in Southern Maine. She is someone who “has been there”, drawing on that experience yet valuing the individual differences of each person’s situation. Sally’s willingness to help me, in whatever way I want, has made me feel like someone is watching out for me. I know that I can contact her as my husband’s disease progresses and I am faced with new challenges.”

We Would Love to Hear From You....

Please feel free to share your experience with us!  In an effort to respect the privacy of others, we will only share testimonials with permission --please specify and thank you for sharing!

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